Budget Strategy

This article will explain how to set different budget strategy to your campaigns

Via the Accounts tab, you can apply for a budget strategy for your campaigns:

Option 1: apply a budget strategy for all campaigns in the account.

Option 2: apply a budget strategy only to smart campaigns.

Option 3: apply a budget strategy to certain campaigns (custom selection).

The algorithms are based on formulas and calculations based on historical data of the campaigns.


First, make sure you are on the Accounts tab, and follow the steps:

1. Click on the budget strategy cell, in the chosen account line.

2. Choose your strategy: Learn more about the different budget strategies.

3. Choose the campaigns you want to apply the strategy on: 

All campaigns: apply the budget strategy on all manual campaigns at the account.

Smart campaigns: apply the budget strategy on all smart campaigns at the account.

Custom selection: apply the budget strategy on specific manual campaigns at the account.

4. Set your monthly budget:

5. click "Save".

Pay attention: The budget you entered will be divided by the number of campaigns you chose. For example: If you chose via custom selection 3 campaigns, and you entered a budget of $90, each campaign will have a budget of $30.