How can I split my content into Rows/Columns? (EM)

These are the actions you can apply in order to split your text from a single row or column

Split Text

This action allows you to split the text and divide a string (a normal text cell) into rows or columns, based on a delimiter (that can also be space).


Extract Array [ ]

An Array is a field that can hold multiple values under a single variable.
You can access the values by referring to an index number. It will always start with a square bracket; [] and will have values separated by a delimiter.

You can split the array into separate rows, separate columns or within current column.

This functions allows us to separate the different values in the array to different rows, columns, or leave the text in the current column.

This function allows us to separate the different values in the array to different columns, rows, or break the text in the current column by using the correct delimiter and choosing the cell we wish to leave.

Extract Object { }

Extract any value that is placed in the column text between the curly brackets {}, expect strings.