What is the difference between "Use Existing" and "Create New" Templates?

This article will discuss the difference between 'Use Existing' , 'Create New' and 'Copy From' options when selecting templates. 


If you are building your first adCore Dynamic Search Campaign and have not yet read the article "How To Build a Dynamic Campaign' you can do so HERE. 


As long as the campaign you are creating is not your first dynamic campaign, you will have three choices when selecting a template:

1) Create a brand new template from scratch

2) Use the exact same template as a previous campaign

3) Create a new template by copying one of your existing templates.


help52.png            useexisting.png


If you choose to 'use an existing' template, it's important to note that the two templates using the same product will forever be connected.

Any changes you make to the selected template will be reflected for all other campaigns using that template. 


If you don't want the connection, be sure to check the 'copy from' box


 This option will allow you to use the information in the template while avoiding the link between the templates.   


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