What are adCore™'s XML Feed Specifications?

The most important thing we at adCore™ say is: "your campaign is as good as your feed!"

This means:

  • Separate your fields - separate brand from model, price from currency, etc.

  • If you have decimal fractions in your numbers, format numbers the standard way - 111.00 rather than 111,00 or 1.111,00 (the latter 2 are specific European number formatting, which cause issues in XML feeds)

  • Take into account that the max number of  items in a feed is 200,000

  • Max keywords per campaign are 40,000. So if your feed contains more, you should split using the 'filter' popup. 

  • Special XML chars:

  • Fields can be re-mapped within adCore. So a column header like "Brand_AdWords_2012" can be re-mapped "Brand."

  • Keep content in your columns below 35 characters, and 25 characters if possible.

  • **Note: Google AdWords headline maximum is 25 characters. Description line 1 and 2 are 35 characters.

Commonly used fields for building campaigns in adCore are:

  • Product name 
  • Brand Name 
  • Manufacturer Name 
  • Category
  • Subcategory 
  • Product Price
  • Model Number/SKU 
  • Discount Percentage 
  • Quantity in Stock 
  • Color 
  • Currency Code 
  • Product URL 
  • Brand URL 
  • Category URL
  • Image URL (this must be included if you are targeting a Shopping Channel)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


  <row brand="sony" model="55HX800" category="led" price="583.50" destination_url="" />

  <row brand="panasonic" model="L42U25" category="lcd" price="635" destination_url="" />

  <row brand="sony" model="40EX400" category="led" price="1225" destination_url="" />


  • General XML requirements: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

              All XML documents should begin with an XML declaration.

The attributes declared in an XML declaration must be placed in the order shown above.

The XML declaration must be in lower case (except for the encoding declarations).


  • For programmers - In addition to the XML declaration, the bytes/data in the XML file should also be properly encoded

For php see -
For .net see -

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