How can I use the same feed for additional campaigns?

This article will review how you can use a single feed to create multiple campaigns. Below is a step-by-step breakdown of how you can use the same feed for an additional campaign:

Before going into the Dynamic Search Campaign section you will need to create and upload a brand new 'empty' campaign into adCore.

1) Make sure to link the new 'empty' or 'skeleton' campaign. You can do this in the Link section of the Campaigns Tab. If the campaign is already created in AdWords, or one of the other platforms, make sure you add the campaign to adCore by selecting the +Bulk Add Campaign button. 




Once the campaign is uploaded, return to the Dynamic Search Campaign area of the Campaigns Tab. 

2. Select the '+ New Feed' button.  Since this is not your first campaign, and the feed you want to use has already been uploaded into the software, you can select the 'Use existing' radio button and then select the previously used feed from the drop down list:



3. This should open up a new 'row' in adCore for you to start setting up the campaign settings for your new campaign.  Once the settings have been completed (the first three icons after your feed name) you should be able to select the 'empty' or 'skeleton' campaign you wish to export the data into. By selecting your campaign, you are completing the process of using a single feed to target more than one campaign.

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