How do I include certain rows in my Dynamic Search Campaign?

Use the Feed Filter icon (filter_icon.png) to exclude or include rows of data from your feed.

To include only certain rows use the 'Include only' section in the Feed Filter. 


Select from the drop down the feed field that is relevant. Then place the values you wish to exclude in the value box to the right. 



Only values entered in the 'Include only' section will be included in your campaign. Keywords, Ad Groups, and Ads will be created based on the values entered here.

*Note that if you are including several values from the same feed category, you must add the values into a single row, and separate each by a comma.

**If a comma appears within your field value, you can precede it with a backslash to indicate to adCore that the terms entered are a for a single value.


Example 1:

If you want to filter the value 'Printers, Scanners & Copiers', you would enter it like so:

Printers\, Scanners & Copiers



Example 2:

If you only want to include the hotel brands Sheraton and Hilton in your campaign, you would select: 

[Brand] = Sheraton,Hilton



Example 3: if you only want to include products that cost less than $10 in your campaign, you would select: 

[price] < 10



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