When do I use Data Refinement?

This article will explain how to Refine Feed Data in your Dynamic Search Campaign.

The data refinement section is where you can edit information in the feed you are using for the campaign. If you have any type of error within the feed, this section is where you can fix it, where you can refine/make changes to the text to make it look better prior to making any keywords, or ads. 

This section is where you can use Dynamic Functions, as well as a Regex (Regular Expression) to systematically make sweeping changes, or pin point individual words and phrases that need to be changed. 

To use this section, select from the left hand drop down which field you will be 'editing' or 'altering'. In the right hand box, insert the relevant Dynamic Function. To add more functions to different fields, or multiple functions to the same field, select '+ Add Alter Function' as many times as necessary. 

The '+ Add Replacement' option allows you to create a list of words, or phrases that need to be replaced with new values. 

Please Note that all functions in this section are run from top to bottom, and therefore if an action is dependent on a previous action, please make sure they are in the correct order. (You may drag and drop the different functions up or down to arrange the correct order)



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