What does a keyword synonym do?

The keywords' synonym section allows you to account for variations in user keyword searches. By specifying a synonym for your keyword you ensure that your ads are triggered both by the original keyword and its synonym.

Enter your keyword and the variation separated by a semi-colon.

For example: Hotel;Motel or Travel;Trip



Every keyword that has the word "Hotel" in it will now also gain the variation of "Motel". And both keywords will trigger the same ad.


There are a few more things you can do with the keyword synonyms section. 

For example if your feed would be generating the following keywords:

  1. Canon digital camera

  2. Nixon digital camera

  3. Panasonic digital camera 

But you would like to add the variation without the word "digital" like below: 


  1. Canon camera

  2. Nixon camera

  3. Panasonic camera

There is no need to type in synonyms for each keyword. If you place the word digital in the synonyms section, as follows:

  1. Digital;    

 You will get the desired result:

  1. Canon camera

  2. Nixon camera

  3. Panasonic camera 

In one line you have created synonyms for all of the words as in the example above.

If there are any other types of pattern to the keywords you are trying to create, you not only have the option to create synonyms like the example above, but also consider using adCore's dynamic functions to manipulate your feed data under the data refinement section of the Campaign Builder. 

To read more about the adCore's dynamic functions, click here.

Don’t forget that there is no need to create close variance synonyms (including plurals, and misspellings) due to Google's matching behavior for phrase and exact match keywords. To read more about these policies, click here

Please note that Google does not take in to account case sensitivity when it comes to keywords. I.E. the word: Canon XP-500 is the same as canon xp-500. 

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