When should I use the 'Add Destination URL Parameters' section?

This article will explain how to add parameters to destination URLs. 

If you would like to read more about how to build a dynamic campaign and how to create keywords for dynamic search campaigns, you can do so HERE

 The 'Add Destination URL Parameters' section will add tags to the end of your keyword level destination URLs. Use this section if you would like to tag all keyword the URLs for tracking purposes.

You can find the 'Add Destination URL Parameters' section under the campaign tab in the dynamic campaign creation section.


Set the name of the parameter in the left box and a value for the parameter in the right box. 
parameter name: utm_source
parameter value: Google



This will result in all your keywords landing page URLs having the following tag "utm_source=Google" appended to the end of them:

Sample keyword url:

In addition to the option of tracking traffic, where the value you add can be a constant (for example, Google), you could add one of your product feed fields (for example: [Product_Name], [Category_Name]) to the end of the URL. This will allow you to use the adCore optimization module to optimize based on your data feed.

Note that the 'Add Destination URL Parameters' section is not the only option to build on to an existing URL. The adCore 'Refine Feed Data' section has more URL building options. Read more about these options HERE.


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