How do I create Modified Broad Keywords?

To create modified broad keywords click the drop down button to the left of the keyword and select the "Modified" option.



To set only part of the keyword to modified broad use the "Broad" drop down option and add a + symbol before the section of your keyword you wish to be "modified".

Inserting the function below will allow you to distribute the + symbol to all words within a dynamic field:

+<strReplace([FEED FIELD], ,2, +)>

What this function does is searches through the Feed Field that you put in the brackets, looks for spaces and replaces the space with a space followed by a + symbol. 

Essentially this distributes the + of the modified broad to all words within the field. 

Insert this function under the Keyword tab of the Campaign Builder



To view a list of various Dynamic Functions that can be used in adCore please click here.

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