Changing initial max CPC in adCore's Dynamic Campaign Creation

To change the Initial Max CPC bid for adCore's Dynamic Search Campaigns do the following:

1) Select the Campaigns tab:


2) Under the 'Create' menu select Dynamic Search Campaigns


3) Open the THIRD icon in your campaign: the 'Campaign Builder' Icon (Campaign_Builder_Icon.png)


4) In the first 'Keywords' tab select the '+' next to the 'Set Keywords Bids'


Change the default bid that each keyword will get when it is FIRST created. The value in this field does not have to be 'static' (same bid for all keywords). You may wish to use adCore's Dynamic Functions to set bids depending on criteria within your feed.

Example: use the <numTiers()> function to set bids by tier levels based on the price of the item in your feed.


Items costing up to 10 will get a bid of .30; Items costing over 10, but less than 100 will get a bid of .75; and anything with a cost over 100 (up to 100,000) will get a bid of 1. 


Please note that changing the bids through the 'Set Keyword Bids' section of the Campaign Builder will NOT affect the bids of existing keywords. The 'Set Keyword Bids' feature only sets the bids for newly created keywords that do not yet have a bid.


For further clarification: 


Today is the 1st of May. I have 30 items in my feed, and I generate keywords from each of these items. I have set my 'Set Keyword Bids' to '0.30' on the Search Network. I ran the campaign 'Live' and all ad groups, keywords and ads have been created successfully in AdWords and Bing. 

On the 2nd of May I go to adCore and change my 'Set Keyword Bids' to '2.00' on the Search Network. All the keywords that have already been generated by adCore will keep a bid of 0.30. Any new items that have not been in the feed the day before will generate keywords that will get a bid of '2.00'. 

Changing the Initial Bid after the keywords have already gone 'Live' will not affect the original keywords that were already in AdWords and Bing. 

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