Why did I receive a Validation Error?

This article discusses the different types of Validation Errors you can run into and links to articles on how to fix them.


When generating a Dynamic Search Campaign, you will 'run' this campaign to file, to Demo, or Live. Under any of these circumstances you may recieve a 'Validation Error'.

This error can be seen under the Status column of the Creation Results menu option:




To find out why you received a validation error, click the 'Validation Error' link and see what is the reason for the Validation Error. (a pop up should appear with the reason for the Validation Error)


Here are the most likely types of errors you will run into: 


To resolve these issues please select the type of error you are receiving and follow the link to the step by step solution instructions. If you are still unable to figure out the root cause of your error, or how to resolve it, please contact us by filling in a ticket request: Ticket Request.

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