Fixing an 'Ads count is greater than Ad-Groups count' Validation Error

When creating a Dynamic Search Campaign that is based on a feed, you may run into this Validation Error:

'On Ad creative #1 Ads count is greater than Ad-Groups count' 

(The number of the ad creative can be different 2,3,4 depending on which ad copy is giving the error)


If you received this type of a Validation Error, it means that the current setup of your campaign is generating more ad creatives than there are ad groups. You can find the error when you look in your Creation Results:






Your ad Copy has dynamic fields in it that are generating multiple ads, the number of ads exceed the number of ad groups. 

Most likely one of the following has occurred:

1. The [url] field was inserted in the URL section of the Campaign Builder under the Submission Dashboard AND two or more feed rows were used to build keywords in an individual ad group: 




To fix this, replace with a generic URL to submit the campaign successfully in future job runs (make sure to include "http://"):

Don't worry, the ad will still lead the user to the product destination URL (Keyword Level) because you have already mapped it as a Pre-Set Field in the Feed Mapper.  Entering the generic URL allows adCore to submit the template error free.




2. another reason could be that the dynamic fields used in your ad text are not being used to create your Ad Group name:




Make sure that if you are using a field in your ad creative  template that filed is part of the adgroup name, like in the example above. 



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