Why is the price not appearing in my ads?


This article discusses different reasons for why a dynamic parameter in your ad may not show the price value in the search engine.

To add the price to your ads as a parameter that dynamically updates every time the price in the feed is updated there are a few actions you have to take:


1. Make sure you have a price field in your feed.



2. Map the price in the 'pre-set fields' in feed mapper. 




3. Make sure you choose to include the price in the ad creative you are writing (that the price box is checked). 




3.5. You can choose to add the price parameter in yourself, by copying and pasting '{Param1:}' into the ad text, rather than using the 'Include Price' check box. 




There are pros and cons to using the different methods:

a. When you check the box that includes price, you are setting a structure for the ads. The price will appear in all the versions you write.

b. Using the 'Include Price' option, you will get multiple versions of the ad -  depending on the length of the keywords, the price might appear in the headline or drop down to the first description line.

c. When typing in, or copying the {param} into your ad copy, you have to make sure that the syntax you use is correct - any mistake/typo can result in the price not appearing properly in the search engine.


4. Make sure that you tell adCore what value to insert into the Dynamic Parameter by mapping the 'price' field to Param1 in the campaign builder. (If price is the second value you are using, make sure to map 'price' to Param2)



If the price is not showing up in your ad in the search engine please double check all the above mentioned actions. 

Price still not appearing? Note the following:

1. The price will appear only when a user is searching for something that triggers your ad. In the advertising platform you will see the parameter, not the value. To view the ad as if you were a searching user, use the Preview Tool of your platform to confirm the price value is, in fact, there.




Lastly, the price will appear after the campaign gets some statistics, so you will need to wait until you have at least a couple of impressions.




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