Fixing an 'Ad-Groups count exceeded 1000' Validation Error.

When creating a Dynamic Search Campaign that is based on a feed, you may run into this Validation Error:

'Ad-Groups count exceeded 1000' 





There are two cases when this can happen:

1) Your feed, even after filtering, is generating more than 1000 ad groups. 


2) Your feed has less that 1000 items, but you are using adCore's automated DKI insertion. When using the check mark to the left of 'Include DKI' adCore can generate duplicate versions of certain ad groups to the point where you exceed 1000 ad groups. 


How to identify and solve the issue:

1) Identify how you are creating your ad groups. Do you have one product per ad group or multiple products in an ad group? If you have one product per ad group, can you filter the feed to lessen the number of ad groups you are creating?

2) Check your feed to see how many ad groups should be created (take into account your filter)


A - Too many products in the campaign? consider splitting the campaign. Add an additional layer to your filter, or filter out products. You can also change the way you structure the campaign, don't do one product per ad group, but rather choose another field to group by (e.g. subcategory and brand OR just subcategory etc.) 

In the example below, the feed we are using has approx. 16,000 products. The ad groups are structured so the each Brand name, subcategory, and article in the feed is one ad group (i.e. the number of ad groups that would be created without any filtration are AT LEAST 16,590)

Changing the filter so the campaign is only focused on one brand, might solve this issue. alternatively, changing the structure of the campaign so that each brand name is an ad group will solve this issue as well (creating only 514 ad groups) 


feed_viewer.png adgroup_srutcture.png

B - the number of products in the campaign is less that 1000, but i still get more than 1000 ad groups?!

You probably have the automatically add DKI box checked.


This will duplicate ad groups, and split your keywords by legnth (Short, Medium, Long etc.) 

Solution: split the campaign further, or remove the automation, and use the DKI manually in the ad and fit to desired length manually. 





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