How to fix an 'Mcc/Account Settings error'

This article discusses the Mcc/Account Settings Error you can run into while creating a Dynamic Search Campaign (feed-based campaign) and how to fix this error.

When you run or submit a campaign live, you may receive a Mcc/Account Settings error. 







To find out why you received this error, click the on the error status link for more information. An Mcc/Account Settings Error means that the connection between adCore and your Search Engine platform is currently not working. Most likely due to a change in credentials, or revoking of access. 


Make sure to check the connectivity, and re-establish a connection by:

1) Going to the Campaigns tab,

2) Select under the Link section the platform that is giving the error. Google AdWords, or Bing Ads etc. 

3) Hover over the MCC name until you see a pencil icon to the right of the name. Select the pencil icon to 'edit' the credentials of the MCC.


4) Click on the link to re-authorize access. (enter in your credentials in the pop up window)


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