How to fix a 'Keyword Policy Validation error'

This article discusses Keyword Policy Validation errors you can run into while creating a Dynamic Search Campaign (feed-based campaign) and how to fix them.

When you run or submit a campaign live, you may receive a Keyword Policy Validation error. 







To find out why you received this error, click the on the error status link for more information. A policy validation error means that the search engine that you were posting keywords to, found a problem with certain keywords that were generated. Clicking on the link will tell you exactly what keyword is triggering the error.



adCore automatically resolves this issue by removing the keyword/words that are causing the issue. 

If there is a reason for the keyword to be included in the campaign, you can always generate the keyword manually in the search engine, and request an exception for it. Once it has been created in the Search Engine, the error will not be triggered again.

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