Why Did I Get A 'Stopped' Error

When creating a Dynamic Search Campaign that is based on a feed, you may run into a 'Stopped' error:






Click on the link in the error to get more information on the exact error and instruction on how to solve it. 'Stopped' means that the campaign took a very long time to run and it had to be stopped eventually.

There are different reasons why this could happen. In the example above, adCore gave a reason where there were to many action happening in one campaign. In this example you are creating to many keywords combinations or synonyms.

To solve this problem you will need to reduce the number of actions you are doing. Since it takes a lot for adCore to reach this limitation, you might not be using the keyword creation or synonyms correctly. 

To make sure you are using these section currently you can read more keywords and synonyms HERE

*If you're still not sure about how to solve this error you can always write us a Ticket.



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