Why Did I Get An 'Update Delta Exceeded Limitation' Error?

When creating a Dynamic Search Campaign that is based on a feed, you may run into an error saying 'Update Delta Exceeded Limitation':





Click on the link in the error to get more information on the exact error and instruction on how to solve it.

'Update Delta Exceeded Limitation' means that adCore would like to make changes in your dynamic campaigns, but the percent of the changes is greater than the premonitions you gave in your sync settings. 




The percentage of changes can be set in the the change delta percentage. In the example above, the percentage is set to 70%. This means that if the number of changes exceeds a change of over 70% in the campaign, you will get an error message, and the changes won't be made.

Use this feature to protect yourself from unexpected changes in the feed. Make sure to set this after the campaign has run live and is automated.   

*If you're still not sure about how to solve this error you can always write us a Ticket.

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