What Does A 'Good' Status Mean?

When creating a Dynamic Search Campaign that is based on a feed, you will run in to a 'Good' Status: 



Creation_Results.png                   good_status.png


Good status means the campaign has run and there were no errors. 

The live status means the campaign ran Live and all the information was transferred  to the search engine successfully.

Clicking on the (i) icon, like in the example above will open a box with a summary of the information that was transferred.




In the example above, the information passed included 6,582 keywords, 192 ads in 192 ad groups.

In order to see the details of these keywords ads and ad groups click the Editor HTML icon to view in the browser or the Editor XLS to download to Excel.  

*note that this file is available only if the campaign was manually run. In cases where the campaign is run automatically a file is not created.

If you need further assistance you can always contact us. request a ticket here.


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