Fixing an 'Ad-Groups count is zero' Validation Error

When creating a Dynamic Search Campaign that is based on a feed, you may run into this Validation Error:

'Ad-Groups count is zero'

 Please note that there is a difference between the validation error 'ad-group count is zero' we are discussing in this article and the creation results message 'zero items'. You can read more about zero items message HERE 



Creation_Results.png zeroadgroups.png


Problem: you are building a campaign but not creating any ad groups.  



First make sure that your feed is not empty. Technical issues with the feed can cause this error. 

If the feed is up and running with all the data in it, the likely suspect is the data refinement.   




Somewhere in this list of data refinement there is a piece of refinement that is preventing the ad groups to be created.

If you can't find it by browsing through the list you will need to remove the entire list and start adding the pieces back one at a time.    


*If you can't find it on your own you can always ask for help. please write us a Ticket.

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