Creation Results - Zero Items

When you run or submit a Dynamic Search Campaign live, you may run into this error message:

'Zero Items' 

Please note that there is a difference between the creation results message 'zero items' we are discussing in this article and the validation error 'ad-group count is zero'. You can read more about the validation error 'ad-group count is zero' HERE









You are building a campaign but no items match the filter you put in place.



It's possible that the filter is set up correctly and this is the expected behavior and there are no items in your feed answering the filter at the moment. When the feed updates in the future, there will be items that match the filter and the ads will automatically generate. 

If there are supposed to be items after the filter, you will need to check the filter and feed, confirm the filter is properly set up and make adjustments where necessary.   

*If you need help please write us a Ticket.

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