How to create a Dynamic Search Campaign In Ten Easy Steps

Below are the steps to be completed in order to create a Dynamic Search Campaign within adCore. 

A Dynamic Search Campaign is a campaign that will quickly and easily upload large numbers of products to your chosen Advertising Platform. When you connect a feed that reflects the day to day, or hourly changes to your stock and price changes, adCore can use this to automatically update the stock and price in the Advertising Platform. 

If you complete each step listed below you will have successfully completed the process of creating a brand new Dynamic Search Campaign. For step by step instructions, click on the links below to see the corresponding articles. 

Step 1. Upload a feed - (This is where you upload the data adCore will then use to create campaigns.)

Step 2. Map the feed - (This is where you tell the system what fields are relevant to the campaign.)

Step 3. Filter items from the feed - (This is where you can select which items from your feed are to be include, or exclude from your feed.)

Step 4. Create Keywords based on feed items - (This is where you create your keywords dynamically, based on feed information, as well as with static text.)

Step 5. Decide on your Ad Group Structure, and Write Your Ads.

Step 6. Select Your Target Campaign or Channel

Step 7. Run Your Campaign To File and check results.

Step 8. Edit your campaign and make any necessary adjustments, then repeat step 7 until satisfied. 

Step 9. Run your campaign LIVE to the channel of your choice.

Step 10. Automate the campaign runs

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