Step 6: Target a Campaign or Channel

This article will explain how to target a completed dynamic campaign to a campaign previously prepared in a search engine. 


If you haven't yet read the article 'How to create a Dynamic Search Campaign' you can do so HERE. The article explains the steps you need to take in order to create a dynamic search campaign in adCore. targeting a campaign is the sixth step.

To go back to the previous step of 'How to Create your adgroups and ads' please click HERE


Once you have finished mapping you feed, filtering it and creating the keywords ad-groups and ads, you are ready to test the campaign and see the results of your work. 

The next step is to tell adCore where you would like to target your campaign. In the example below we deiced to send the campaign to Google AdWords. 




The first thing you need is a campaign to target. When you were building the campaign in adCore, following the steps detailed in the article 'How to create a Dynamic Search Campaign' you were writing the content of the campaign, or, as the adCore team likes to call it, the flesh of the campaign. now you need a skeleton to put it on. 


If you already prepared a campaign in the search engine to receive all the information, all you have to do is link between the two. That step is coming up. 

However, if you have not yet prepared a campaign in the search engine, you can do that from the adCore interface.




In the campaign settings, start by '+create new campaign'. make sure you are creating the campaign in the right account, and give it a name. Once you click 'create campaign' you will need to set your campaign settings, in the same way you would if you were creating the campaign in AdWords. 

*note that the option to create a new campaign is from the adCore interface is available for AdWords only.  


Now that that there is a campaign ready to receive the information, we can go ahead and link between the two.



Hover over the 'target campaign' section to expose the pencil icon, then click on it to open the 'campaign selector' and choose the campaign you would like to send all the keywords, ads and ad-groups. If you didn't create the campaign trough adCore, and have not yet linked the campaign through the link dashboard, click the import button under 'select campaign source'.  You will find the campaign you set up in the search engine advertising platform there.



Congratulations! You have successfully targeted your campaign, and completed the sixth step in creating a Dynamic Search Campaign. 

To continue to the next step of 'running your campaign to file' to see the results of your work click HERE


*Please note: If you run into errors while filtering your feed and can't find a solution in the Help Center, please write us a Ticket.


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