Step 3: How to Filter Items From your Feed to Create a Dynamic Search Campaign?

This article will explain how to filter items from your feed when creating a Dynamic Search Campaign.


If you haven't yet read the article 'How to create a Dynamic Search Campaign' you can do so HERE. The article explains the steps you need to take in order to create a dynamic search campaign in adCore. Filtering items from your feed is the third step.

To go back to the previous step of 'How to Map your Feed' please click HERE


After uploading your feed, and mapping it, the next step is to define what items are allowed in the campaign, and which are not allowed. This is done in the Feed Filter.

To open the Feed Filter click the (filter_icon.png) icon. Use this to exclude or include data from your feed.  

When you are setting up a brand new campaign, the feed filter icon will be a light gray color. When the icon turns dark grey, you know you have completed the step. 


Clicking on the filter icon opens up the following Feed Filter box:


When deciding on what items you want and don't want in your campaign, keep in mind the items that appear in your feed, or those that might appear in the future. Do you have more than 1000 items in your feed? Does your feed include items that are out of stock? Do you have very cheap items, that are not cost effective to advertise? In any of these cases, it is highly recommended that you set up some kind of rule to include or exclude certain items.

Whether you are including or excluding, the directions are the same:

To exclude rows use the 'Exclude' section in the Feed Filter. 



To include only certain rows use the 'Include only' section in the Feed Filter. 


1) Select from the drop down the feed field that contains the information you wish to filtering by.



2) Select from the second drop down either "=" or "regex" (if the field you selected contains only numbers, you will be able to use greater than '>' or less than '<').



a) If you know the exact value or values that are found in the feed field use the '=' sign to indicate the value you are entering is found exactly as written in the feed.

If you wish to include several values from the same feed field, add the values into a single row, and separate each by a comma. (i.e. value1,value2,value3....Do NOT put a space after the comma)

b) If you would like to filter using patterns instead of exact values (for example all items that start with the letter 'a') select the 'regex' option and use a regular expression to search through your feed field. 

If you wish to include several different values from the same feed field, and you are  using the 'regex' option. Add all regexes into a single row, and separate each by a Pipe (|) symbol. (i.e. regex1|regex2|regex3....)

*If a comma appears within your field value, you can precede it with a backslash to indicate to adCore that the terms entered are a for a single value.

3) Place the value, values or regular expression in the value box to the right. 

4) (OPTIONAL) Sort your feed alphabetically.


5) SAVE your filter!



The values you entered in the 'Include only' section will be included in your campaign. Anything from your feed that is not explicitly listed in the section will be excluded from the campaign. Keywords, Ad Groups, and Ads will be created based on the values entered in the Include Only section.

If the 'Include only' section is left blank, the default filter is to include the first 40,000 items from the feed. (this is due to System Limitations)


You are free to change the number of rows adCore will read, just make sure to keep within the system limitations.

When using multiple Include only sections: 


Multiple rows of the 'Include Only' section combine using the AND logic. ONLY items with BOTH criteria will be included in the feed.



Example 1:

You have a product feed that includes travel destinations and deals. One of the feed fields you defined in the feed is the Brand name of the hotel. I wish to exclude the hotel brand 'Sheraton' and 'Hilton' from this specific campaign. This is how you would exclude those two brand names:


*Note there is no space between the two terms. Also, 'Sheraton' and 'Hilton' must be written exactly like this in the feed, with no words before or after for this to remove those items from the campaign. 

**In case your fields are not so simple, you can use the regex option (under the '=' drop down) to search for certain patterns and instances of a term instead of exact match.


Example 2:

If you want to exclude all products that cost less than $10 from being advertised, you would select: 



Example 3:

If your feed has a value such as 'Printers, Scanners & Copiers' you would enter the value like so:


*Note the backslash in front of the comma, which let's adCore know this is not a delimiter but rather part of the name. 



Congratulations! You have successfully filtered your feed, and completed the third step in creating a Dynamic Search Campaign. 

To continue to the next step of creating your keywords click HERE

*Please note: If you run into errors while filtering your feed and can't find a solution in the Help Center, please write us a Ticket.

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