Step 8: Edit your campaign

This article will explain how to edit your campaign after you 'ran' a campaign to file and reviewed the results of the work you have done so far


If you haven't yet read the article 'How to create a Dynamic Search Campaign' you can do so HERE . The article explains the steps you need to take in order to create a dynamic search campaign in adCore. 'running' a campaign is the eighth step.

To go back to the previous step of 'Run Your Campaign To File and Check the Results' please click HERE


Now that you have seen the results of your work and reviewed the ad-groups, keywords and ads, you might want to make adjustments. In order to manipulate the information in the fields of the feed that you are using you will need to use 'Dynamic Functions'. You can find a list of the functions HERE.

You can also click on the link at the top right hand corner of your screen in the adCore platform (*please note not all screens have the link - the link comes up when necessary) 



You can use the Dynamic Functions anywhere in the campaign builder you can write in text (e.g. when creating keywords or when writing ads) but the most common place to use the functions is in the data refinement section of the campaign builder.    


help52.png     dynamicfunctions2.png

You can read more about how to use the functions HERE


Once you have made the adjustments, 'run' you campaign to file again. Rinse and repeat until satisfied with the results. Then 'run' the campaign live (which is the next step and you can read more about in the next article).  



Congratulations! You have successfully edited your campaign, and hopefully you are happy with the results. You have completed the eighth  step in creating a Dynamic Search Campaign. 

To continue to the next step of ''Run' you campaign Live to the Channel of your choice' click HERE

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