Step 10: Automate The Campaign Runs

This article will explain how to Automate your campaign runs to the channel of your choice. 


If you haven't yet read the article 'How to create a Dynamic Search Campaign' you can do so HERE . The article explains the steps you need to take in order to create a dynamic search campaign in adCore. Automating the campaign runs are the tenth and final step.

To go back to the previous step of 'Run your campaign LIVE to the channel of your choice' please click HERE


Automating the campaign runs means that the campaign will updated as the feed changes. 

To automate the runs click on the automate icon:


Select the gray square box to the left of the campaign name, and select the green clock icon labeled 'Automated'



Once this icon has been selected, you can then select exactly when and how often you would like the software to update your campaigns for you. Select the calendar icon to the right of the 'play' button (all the way on the right) and select from the drop-down your frequency, and what time of day you would like your campaign to update.



Congratulations! You have successfully automated your campaign to update periodically to the search engine of your choice, here come the clicks and conversions! You have completed the tenth and final step in creating a Dynamic Search Campaign.

the adCore team recommends you check in on your campaign periodically and make sure that as the feed grows or changes you are still satisfied with the results. If you need to make further adjustments as the feed changes use the dynamic functions to do so. 

In the future, if you happen to get an error on your campaign you can solve it by reading the article on errors HERE

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