How to create an ad for Call only Campaigns

You have now the possibility to create Call only campaigns on adCore

You need to follow the same steps when creating a dynamic search ad :

  • The headline of the ad will be your Business name in AdWords.   
  • Descriptions lines 1+2 and the display URL are used the same (no change).
  • The only difference is a small adjustment you’ll need to make to the URL that you’re using.

            The URL for Call-Only ads HAS to include a tag ‘adcore_call_only=[two digit country code][phone number]

 In the example below IL is the Israel country code and it’s followed by the phone number (no need to add the country code again)

Here is an example of how to build the URL:

- If you only have one tag use the questions mark to add the tag to the end of the URL:

- If you have two or more tags use the ampersand to add the tag to the end of the URL:


You can use the data refinement/Feeditor to add the tag to the end of the URL or use the URL directly in the in the adCore ad builder (for ad level URLs)


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