How do I add additional ads once my campaign has been submitted?

There are two ways to add multiple ads into your media advertiser account.

1) Create the ads directly in your media channel advertiser account. To make sure adCore doesn't override (pause) your ads, go to your campaign in adCore™ under 'Dynamic Search Campaign', click on the 'Synchronization Settings' icon (snc_settings_icon.png), and set the 'Sync Ads' section to 'Add Only' by clicking on the drop-down menu. Then click 'Save'.


2) In the campaign builder under the Ads & Ad Group tab, select the '+ Add New Ad' option and create your 2nd, 3rd, etc. ad templates.

*Please Note: When there are more than one ad templates in the campaign builder, adCore will automatically change the 'Sync Ads' setting to 'Add Only'.


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