5 Dynamic Functions You Should Be Using

There are a lot of dynamic functions to use in adCore and they were all created with the purpose of making it easier to manipulate information in your feed.

The full list of dynamic functions can be found here and to learn more about how to use these functions please read the article titled 'what are dynamic functions?'

Below is a list of 5 dynamic functions you should b using. these are some of our favorite functions we find the most useful. If you are not already using these the adCore team recommends you go back and review your campaign to see if and where you can use them. 


1. String Fit  - <strFit([Filed],8)>

This dynamic function should be on all the dynamic fields you use in your ad creative. This function prevents the string (the information in the field from your feed) to be cut off due to the search engines character limitations. For example, Google allows only 25 characters in the headline on the ad written in AdWords. In the example below you can see the difference between a field that has been 'fit' and a field that has not been 'fit' with the 'string fit' function:




 2. String Clear - <strClear([Field],-,0,1)>

This dynamic function is useful when you would like to remove unwanted data from your field. When using this function you can clear everything after a certain point in the string.The example below shows a small part of a feed. When building our campaign we would like to remove everything after the dash in the model name. 

the function 'string clear is the best way to accomplish this. There is no need to change the feed itself or make a new feed, we can use the function to remove part of the information.


help40.pnghelp41.png        help42.png


3. String replace - <strReplace([Field],replacefrom,2,replaceto)> 

This dynamic function is useful when you want to replace something in the your data field with other information. In the example below the sample feed includes different fields, one of which is a URL field. After asking your webmaster to prepare the feed for your new adCore campaign, you are excited to get started only to notice that a mistake has been made. you asked the webmaster to put in the following URL - Instead, he used this URL - 

since asking him to fix it might take to much time, and you would like to get started now, the adCore team has a solution for you. 









4.String Case- <strCase([field],1)> 


This dynamic function is useful when you want to change the capitalization on a feed field.






5. SKU Remove Wight and Dimensions- <skuRemoveWnD([field])>

This dynamic function is useful when you want to remove a wight, dimensions or colors from the end of a string. 



















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