How do I set the AdGroup Bid Management algorithm?


The adgroup Bid Management algorithm is similar to the keyword/placement bid management algorithm. The difference between them is that, as suggested by its name,  the adgroup bid management manages bids at the adgroup level.  

The Ad group Bid Management Algorithm looks like this: 

 Click on the Automated icon  to enable the Ad-Groups management algorithm



Click on the edit icon AG Bid Mng.  to set the adgroup management algorithm and follow a few steps 


The following detail the steps and reference articles in the 'Help Center' that will teach you how to correctly use this part of the dashboard. 

1. Choose the goal type - to read about the goal types and howto chose them please see the article tilted 'How to Choose a Goal For the Bid Management Algorithm?'

2. Set the goal 

3. Set the bid deviation bar - Set the percentage you are willing to deviate from your current bid to meet the   recommendation of the adgroup Bid Management tool. to read more about the bid deviation bar please see the article titled 'What does the Bid Deviation bar do?'

4. Set the max CPC- to read more about the Setting the Max CPC please read the article titled 'What is Max CPC?'

*If you would like to give any specific adgroup a factor, click  the 'adgroup factor' button. To read more about this feature please see the article titled 'What is the Ad Group Factor setting?


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