What is the Bid Management Dashboard?

The Bid Management Dashboard allows you to improve the performance of campaigns that have been imported or created within adCore™.

There are two algorithms that will optimize your campaign within this section:

  • Keyword/Placement Bid Manager- This tool is used to help your campaigns achieve goals based on CPA, Multi-CPA, or ROI. The tool will continuously adjust bids at the Keyword or Managed Placement level in order to achieve your desired goal.

  • NEW! Now the Keyword/Placement Bid Manager also works on Shopping Campaigns: Use this algorithm to change bids on the shopping ITEM level to reach your desired CPA, or ROI goal. 

  • Ad Group Bid Manager - The tool will continuously adjust bids at the Ad Group level and automatic placements in order to achieve your desired goal.

In addition to the Optimization tools, you will also notice the heatmap dashboard. This dashboard allows you to review the performance of your campaigns during four different time periods, with each colored cell corresponding to the goal you set.  


You can set the Initial Stats date for adCore™ to make performance based decisions. 

The Campaign Goal is a tool used to set the goals based on CPC, CPA, Multi-CPA or ROI. The set goals will influence the display of the heatmap dashboard

Once the optimization tools are set, you can rest assured that your campaigns will perform within your desired goals.



Follow the steps to optimize your campaign Click here!













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