How do I determine my ROI goal?

Setting your ROI Goal in adCore depends on whether you have entered your revenue or profit value into the conversion tracking tag in AdWords:

1. If your "Total conv. value" in Adwords is set as the value of your entire sale, use the standard equation:


adCore ROI Goal = (value-cost)/cost X 100 (to convert to a %)


Value = $2,000

Cost = $1,000

adCore ROI Goal = (2,000-1,000)/1,000 = 1 X 100 = 100%


2. If the "Total conv. value" reflects your profit margin and you input 0% in adCore, the algorithm will then maintain your ad spend and profit at break-even.  Any value above will reflect the profit level that you have set as your campaign goal.


Once this has been configured, the algorithms will keep your campaigns optimized based off of your ROI goals. Keywords will be managed based on sales history and position will be determined based on historical statistics.

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