How to optimize your Campaign in easy steps

Below are the steps to be completed in order to optimize your Campaign within adCore. 

Optimizing your campaign via adCore will automatically improve the visibility and the frequency of your ads. 

If you complete each step listed below you will have successfully completed the process of optimizing a Campaign. For step by step instructions, click on the links below to see the corresponding articles. 

Step 1.  Analyze the Heatmap Bid Manager dashboard- (This is where you see the performance status of your campaign.)

Step 2. Set up your goal - (This is where you set your desired goal.The set goals will influence the display of the heatmap.) dashboard

Step 3. Choose your goal for the bid management algorithm- (This is where you set your goals at the Ad Group level or Keyword/Placement level.)

Step 4. Create a new optimization rule in simple or advanced mode,  or select an existing one 


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