How To Set Up Email Alerts?

This article will discuss how to set up e-mail alerts as part of adCore optimization features.

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An adCore alert is an e-mail you will get from adCore when a specific action (that was per-defined by you) happens on your account.

For example, asking adCore to send an alert in the morning after a day where your AdWords account had no conversions.  

The alerts system needs to be set up for your individual clients or campaigns. 


The alerts section of adCore is under the campaigns tab, under the 'optimize' section. 



Once selected, you can choose to set your alerts at the client level 




Or at the campaign level: 



1. click on '+Add Alert' to select the type of alert you would like to receive


2. Create a new alert or use an existing one



2. If you create a new alert,

- Click on '+ New Alert'

- Select the privacy settings (would you like to contribute to the cowed wisdom or share only with your agency)

- Give it a name & a description 

- Select the event you would like to be notified about. 

- Click save 





Once the alert is created, you will need to link it to your entire account or to a single campaign. 




Once linked, set the time and precipitants of the alert. in the example above, the alert will be sent at 8 AM the morning after a day if you spent less than 5 Euros for in your Campaign.




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