How do I add an Optimization Rule to my campaign?

This article will explain how to attach a new rule in the adCore rule engine.

 *note that this article discusses how to attach an existing rule to a campaign in the rule engine. Learn how to write your own rule (that still does not exist in adCore) please see our beginers guide to rule writing HERE


1. Make sure to be on the Campaigns tab, in 'Automation Rules' under the Optimize section.

The first step to attaching a rule is to click '+add rule'



2.Then select what you would like to do.

Would you link to manage your bids? add search terms from the search query report? pause under-preforming keywords? 

A click on the '+add rule' button will open a menu that shows you the categories of options you can choose from. In the example below , we will add a pause keyword rule to one of the campaign in the account. 



3.Clicking the pause keywords category will open all the rules that exist in adCore for pausing keywords.




4. Select the existing rule you would like to apply

We select the rule that we would like to add to the campaign. in this example we select the rule called 'S2M Basic pause KW rule'  

(you can see a detailed description of what the rule does to the write of the rule)  

The next step is to decide which campaign we would like to add the rule to. In this example we pick the first campaign on the list. 

Checking the box will select the campaign. 


Don't forget to save! 


This is an indication that the rule was added to the campaign.



 Run the rule manually by clicking the play button to the right of the rule. 


Wondering what the orange button is? Read more about the difference between fully automated to semi-automated mode and how you can approve change before they happen HERE.   




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