What is a Bundle and how can I create one?

This article will explain how to make a new bundle of rules and how to attach a new bundle to your campaign.


If you have not yet read the beginners guide to writing new rules you can do so HERE


A Bundle is simply a group of rules packaged together in order to be easier to manage and apply to multiple campaigns. 


To create a new Bundle of Rules:


1. start by clicking on the '+ Add Bundle' button




2. Select the bundle you would like to add or make your own from the rules in the platform by clicking '+New Bundle'.



If you would like to create a new bundle start by

- clicking the '+New bundle' 

 - Give your Bundle a meaningful name

- If you want to duplicate an existing bundle (and then edit it) select Copy from existing bundle and select the bundle name

- Choose Private/Public: Private bundles can only be seen or used by other users in your AGENCY plan account.  Public bundles can be used, and copied by all adCore users. Once a bundle is public, it cannot be edited. All rules in a public bundle must also be public.

- Write a detailed description (in words) of what the bundle does. Bear in mind that others will use your bundle so make sure the description is as clear as possible. Example: This rule will pause all ad groups that have a cost greater than 2 euros AND will pause all text ads on Sundays AND will add autoplacements where we had at least 2 clicks in the last 30d.





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