How to Create Rules in 'Simple' Mode

This article will review how to create a 'simple mode' rule step by step. 

 We will start by going to the Automation Rules section of adCore.

1) Make sure you are under the Campaigns tab:

2)  On the left menu select the 'Automation Rules' option under 'Optimize'


Then we will open up the Rules, so we can create a new one.

3) To create a brand new custom rule, select the '+ Add Rule' button. (Third button from the left)

4) From the drop down list, select what end-action you wish to achieve. Below we will select the 'Pause keywords' option so that we can create a rule that will pause keywords based on certain criteria. Select your rule type from the menu to continue. 




 5) Once you have opened the type of rule you wish to create, select the '+ New Rule' button on the top left corner to start creating a new rule. (Please note: the option to create a new rule is limited to users of an Agency Plan)


6) Make sure the 'Simple' mode is selected as shown below. 



You are ready to start creating your rule. 

This article is only discussing how to create rules in 'Simple' mode, if you need to create a rule that is more complex, please read our 'Creating Optimization Rules - A Beginner's Guide' article. 

Writing your rule:

a. Name your rule (give it some meaningful name)

b. Select your Privacy setting for this rule: Private will mean only people in your agency account will be able to see this rule. Public means you want to share the rule with the rest of adCore's users. 

c. Write in words what you would like the rule to do. Try to be as detailed as possible. 




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