How to use Param1 and Param2 as an Automation Rule

This article will discuss the type of rules you can create with the "Change keywords param1" and "Change keywords param2" rule option within adCore's Automation Rule Engine.

This option can be found under the Campaigns tab, under the Optimize menu option of 'Automation Rules'


Please be aware that adCore's automation rule does not create the ad copy for you. Your campaing should already have ads with the parameter placeholders (i.e. '{Param1:}' and '{Param2:}')

To create a new rule that will update the value of a keyword's {Param1:} or {Param2:} in AdWords:

1) Select the + Add Rule button at the top of the page and select either "Change keywords param1" or "Change keywords param2"



2) Select from the currently existing rules, or create a new one by selecting the '+ New Rule' button. (Please note that the option to create NEW rules in the Automation Rule Engine is reserved for Agency level users only)


3) In the 'Set' portion of the rule, please input the numerical value that you wish to upload. 


Please note that the value MUST be numeric (no text) and the numeric value must be placed in single quotes. 

You MUST adhere to AdWords restrictions, please see below for all valid options: 

When inserting numeric values into the param. The following restrictions apply:

  • Can use or as a separator, with an optional or (respectively) for fractional values. For example,1,000,000.00 and 2.000.000,10 are valid.
  • Can be prepended or appended with a currency symbol. For example, $99.99 and 200£ are valid.
  • Can be prepended or appended with a currency code. For example, 99.99USD and EUR200 are valid.
  • Can use %. For example, 1.0% and 1,0% are valid.
  • Can use + or -. For example, -10.99 and 25+ are valid.
  • Can use / between two numbers. For example 4/1 and 0.95/0.45 are valid.

The length of this string should be between 1 and 25, inclusive.

4) Make sure to 'Save' your rule and apply to whichever campaigns are relevant.

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