Best Practices for setting keyword parameters using Automation Rules

 This article describes when best to use the keyword parameter update option in adCore.


For help with how to actually set the parameter values in adCore please see the article: How to use Param1 and Param2 as an automation rule


Why use parameters?

Using numeric placeholders, or parameters such as {Param1:} and {Param2:} in your ads is a very smart move. Using these parameters allows an advertiser to display up to date values in their ad copy. An advertiser who displays prices benefits by keeping their ad copy relevant, without deleting and creating a brand new ad copy every time the price/value changes. Using parameters also help keep historical statistics of ads (which should also help with overall quality score of the account), as well as saves time of awaiting ad approval for new ads. 

Advertisers can use {Param1:} and {Param2:} to create compelling and high-performing search ads that lead to higher user engagement and improved campaign profitability.

When should you use adCore's Automation rule to update the keywords numeric value?

As an advertiser, you should use this feature on your more generic campaigns. Should you have long tail/product level campaigns that you wish to update, we highly recommend using the Dynamic Search Campaign section of adCore to update each keyword with the correct value. The automation section is geared towards across the board value updates. 

Types of Campaigns best to activate this feature on: 

  1. Promotional campaigns

  2. Seasonal campaigns such as Christmas, New Years, End of Season etc. 

  3. Brand, or Category specific price discounts.


It is November 2013 and you wish to advertise that you have a store-wide sale of 15%-30% off everything with a Christmas coupon. 

This campaign is active every year around Christmas time, but the range of discounts change each year. 

Make sure your campaign has an ad Copy that includes in the description something along the lines of: '{Param1:}-{Param2:} Off with Coupon Code'

Then use adCore to set the value of Param1 to '15%', and the value of Param2 to '30%'.

Next year you can use the same ad copy and just change the values to 25% - 45% off, and still keep the ad copy statistics. 

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