What is the difference between fully automated and semi-automated settings in the rule engine?

There are a couple of settings in which a rule can be attached to a campaign:

  • Semi-Automated ( )– when set to this setting, adCore will not make any automatic changes to your campaign. The software will FIRST generate a file with data (keywords/ads/ad-groups/etc.) that match the criteria of the rule. You must log into adCore and reviewing the resulting files in order to approve, or disapprove the results. Once you approve results, the changes will then be made LIVE in AdWords. Please note that when adding optimizing rules to your campaigns, the default setting of the rule will be "Semi-Automated". 

*For more information regarding Semi-automated files, and the approval process please read help article: ‘how to approve the rule file generated in the semi-automated rule setting


  • Fully automated ( )–  when set to this setting, adCore will automatically make changes to your campaign. The frequency of the updatescan be found in the individual rules that are being applied. No file will be generated in this mode. 

Example: you attached a rule to change the keyword bids (bid management rule). The rule you selected requests that the bid is boosted for all keywords that have 10 clicks or more and are in 4th position or higher (5th position, 6th position, etc.) by 15% percent.

adCore will generate a file with all keywords that match both criteria. The file will contain information on the current bid, the new suggested bid, the number of clicks, the number of impression etc.

If you chose to use the semi-automated setting you will need to approve the changes file every few days.

Choose the semi-automated setting if you are interested in an extra level of control.

Choose the fully automated setting if you want to completely automate the process, and you don’t need to approve each change before it happen. 


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