CRM Offline Conversion Injection Tips

CRM Offline Conversion Injection

The CRM option allows you to “inject” conversions that began online, and were completed offline, back into your Adwords account in order to provide a full picture of your sale cycle. Offline conversions include:

  • Phone calls

  • Offline registrations

  • Offline sales

  • Any other action you could think that is included on the back office system.

This feature is especially useful for any lead based industry (i.e. E-Commerce, Finance, Travel, Education) and can be only found in adCore™.

How to set it?

In Adwords:

1. Enable Auto-tagging:

  • Log in to your account in AdWords

  • Enter My Account >> Preferences

  • Enable auto-tagging


2. Create Conversion codes, and extract the label:

  • Enter Tools and Analysis >> Conversions
  • Click + Conversion
  • Create one conversion code per Offline and/or Online Actions
  • Per each action, extract the Label

**Please note:

Google AdWords allows up to 5 different types of conversions (labels) make sure to set a different tracking purpose per action type. 


On your Website:

When saving a conversion to your CRM make sure to extract the gclid parameter from the landing page URL, and tie this to the conversion


From your CRM:

1. Include a field on the CRM for the gclid parameter. Store the gclid parameter - previously extracted from the landing page URL.

2. Create a tab delimited file (in URL format) with the following fields:


gclid                label               value              date

Here is an example:


**Please note:

  • AdWords does not accept negative values, therefore for negative values (i.e: withdrawal, refunds) please multiply the total value by 1% and without any minus sign.  

  • All the values should be in the same currency (the same currency of the AdWords account)

  • The order MUST be as determined above (gclid – label – value – date).

  • Date & time MUST be entered in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD followed by the time in HH:MM:SS (see example above)

In adCore™:

  1. Sign into adCore
  2. Click on the Campaigns tab
  3. Click on Link >> Dashboard
  4. Select the Tracking tab
  5. Select Channel: CRM
  6. Click the + Add Feed button
  7. Enter the URL of the tabs delimited conversion data.
  8. Click Save

**Please note:

Only if the feed is secured (https://) fill in the User Name and Password fields


adCore Best Practice Advice & Tips:

  • gclid is a unique parameter encoded with all the click relevant data, as origin, date, ads, query, etc…
  • label is a unique code set by Adwords per conversion Tracking Purpose
  • value is the value of the action. 
  • Best Practice TIPS: The feed should include information about the last 3 days period.
  • You can also use this tool to track both online and offline conversions via your CRM, and inject both values into AdWords. (Removing the need to include tracking codes in your website)
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