What does the "Gap" drop-down menu in the benchmark report do?

Use the "Gap" drop-down menu to indicate the number of time frames you wish to compare. 

For example: We want to compare a campaign's performance over 14 days from February 1st through February 29th.

To do so, choose 14 days for the time frame, enter February 1st in the first date cell, then select -1 from the Gap drop-down menu. This will cause the report to display 2 separate graphs within the chart, one for the period of February 1-14, and the other for the period of February 15-29. 


* A unique feature of the benchmark report is the ability to set future benchmarks for analysis by scheduling the report to be emailed to you once the time period has elapsed and the data is present within the report.  To do this, select a positive range from the "Gap" drop-down menu. You will be able to compare a selected campaign's performance over one time period, to a future date of your choosing. Once the future period elapses, you will receive the benchmark report via email. This way you can test your SEM strategies and directly analyze the effects of any changes made to your campaigns.

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