Best Practice Recommendations for Reporting

This article will review the highly recommended actions/ best practices we recommend for using adCore Reporting to the fullest. 

1) Invite users to adCore!

One of the first things we recommend is to make sure that anyone and everyone that could possibly need to receive information from adCore be added as a user to the system. 

If you are an agency user, add all your clients e-mails to adCore, so that you can send them reports, or emails easily. 

If you are a business user, add your boss's e-mail, your co-worker's e-mails to adCore so if they need to see a report on the account's activity, you can send them an adCore report with the click of a button. 

On a positive note, adding users to your adCore account increases your adCore points! 


2) Use the Benchmark chart with all Optimization activity.

When you activate any of the Optimization algorithms/rules, we highly recommend that the same day that you turn them on, you also use the benchmark chart, and schedule an e-mail of the chart to yourself in 7 days. This way you have an e-mail reminder that will come to your inbox 7 days after you activated an algorithm, that reminds you to check on the progress of the optimization. Is it working correctly? Do you need to change, update the rules to get better results? etc.


3) Set up dashboards that will be useful for YOU on a daily, weekly, and monthly level.

Set up customized dashboards that will help you manage your account on a daily, weekly, monthly or customized time basis. 


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