How To Build and Set KPIs in the Reporting Module

This article will discuss how to build and set Key Performance Indicators in the adCore reporting module.

Read more about how to use the reporting module in adCore HERE.

The Reporting Dashboards can be found under the 'Reports' tab. 

 KPI tab.png

Using the KPI gauges in adCore is really a two step process.

The first step is building your own indicator gauge or selecting the one you would like to use out of the crowd wisdom.   

To do so,choose the KPI setting section to write a new KPI or use one from the crowd wisdom


Once selected, you can choose to set your KPI gauge at the client level:


 Or drill down and set the KPI gauge at the campaign level: 


Once I decide what indicator I would like to track, and for what time frame, I can write a new gauge by:

1. clicking +new KPI

2. Select the privacy settings (would you like to contribute to the cowed wisdom or share only with your agency)

3. Give it a name

4. Give it a description

5. Select the indicator you would like to track

6. Click save 



In the example above, I would like to track the number of conversions my client received yesterday. The last step is to click save. this will add the KPI gauge to the list of KPIs gauges in the crowd wisdom. 

this is the end of the first step. 

The second step is to set up the gauge in a way the is tailored for the client goals, or campaign goals. 

In the example below, the goal (or target) is 10 conversions per day.

The next step is to decide on my ranges. What number of conversions is alarmingly low (red), what is low but not alarmingly so and finally, based on my target (in this case 10), is a sufficient number (in this case, anything over 9 would be o.k.).     



Any amount of conversions over 9 is acceptable (though over 20 is unlikely) - so is in the green zone. Conversions between 5-9 is low and those in the yellow zone. Under 5 conversions is extremely low, much lower than the goal, and as such is in the red zone.

lastly, Attaching the gauge to the client (like in the below example) means I will be able to track the number of conversions and where they are along the gauge in my reporting dashboard.

To see the information you will need to go to the relevant reporting dashboard.

KPI tab.png  



 In the example below, I am tracking 3 gauges. The cost, the number of conversions and the CPA.

The gauge in the middle is the gauge we set above. 

I had set my target at 10 conversion. Yesterday my account received 12 conversions, so the needle in showing deep in the green zone.

On the CPA gauge my target CPA is 16 Euros. since yesterdays CPA was 15.56 the needle is slightly in the yellow zone. 



 You can always go back to the KPI section and adjust the targets as the goals change. 






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