How do I change the frequency of the Reports I get Emailed to me?

You have two ways to change the frequency of the Emails adCore sends:

Through your Account Access

1. Make sure you are on the 'Clients' tab

2. Make sure you are under 'Account Access'. Select either Agency or Client level.

3. Click on the Graph Icon Edit Emailed Reports under 'Emailed Reports'. If you want to send the report to a new user follow the steps to invite other users

4. Select or deselect the frequency you prefer




Through your Account Access

1. Click on the 'Report' tab

2. Select in Daily, Weekly or Monthly in the "Email Reports" Section

3. Click on the Schedule Icon   to schedule your report

4. Assign a client, select the users and the file type, schedule the delivery and save


5. The Report Schedule icon will appear next to your email reports tab



PLEASE NOTE: You can either schedule your reports through the Clients or the Reports tab



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