How do I link my account with 2-Step Verification enabled?

If you have enabled 2-Step verification in your Google settings, you will need to generate an "Application Specific Password" in order to successfully link your Google AdWords account to adCore.  You will only need to use the "Application Specific Password" when you initially link your account; you do not need to remember this password.



To generate the password:

1. Open your Google Account settings.

2. Click to the security settings:

Security Settings.JPG

3. Edit your application and site authorizations:

Authorize applications and sites.JPG

4. Enter a name to help you remember what your use is for the application and generate the password:


5. Copy your password...


6. ...And paste it in either the "Add MCC" or "Add Account" under the Link Dashboard in adCore:


7. Click to Save and you're good to go!



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