How do I create a campaign?

To start creating your campaign, you must first link an advertiser account through the Link Dashboard, and make sure to have a "Skeleton" version of the campaign present in your advertiser account. Once your account is linked, follow these steps under the Dynamic search Campaigns in the Campaigns tab:


1. Import your feed:





2. Map your feed. Click on the Feed mapper icon to open the Feed mapper:




3. Filter your feed. Click on theFeed filter icon to open the Feed Filter :






4. Create your Keywords, Ads & Ad-Groups. Click on the  icon to open the Campaign Builder:





5. Target the campaign to your desired advertiser account. Click on the Campaign selector icon to open the Campaign Selector:




6. Submit your campaign to "File" and test it before submitting it live, Click on the Manual submission icon to open the Manual Submission window :




Once your campaign has been submitted live, the Automatic Scheduler will scan your feed and update inventory/price changes.  Check your Submission Results frequently to detect any errors.


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