How do I create NEW keywords with the Keyword Tool?

There are a few ways to create new Keywords using adCore's Keyword Tool. Click on the section "Long Tail Keywords" on the left end side bar and use the buttons on the bottom of the tool to create your keywords:


1. Try using the Multiply button to get all the permutations of two lists of words. 

2. Select the Ideas button to see what keywords Google recommends, along with the suggested keywords' search volume.

3. Select the Terms button to get Search Term ideas.

4. Use the Match button to add match types to your keywords.

5. Try using the Case button to change the capitalization of your keywords.

6. Use the Filter button to refine your keywords to the length and match type you want. 

7. Finally, use any of the Export buttons to export your final list of keywords into Excel, Google, and/or Bing.


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