What does the Multiply button do?

The Multiply button essentially multiplies one list of words by a second set of words, and allows you to write in descriptive or bridge words in between. 

Here's how it works:

Clicking on the Multiplier button multi.png will open up a new pop-up window with four windows. 


The first window "Keywords" is where you write in, or import your list of keywords. 

The second window "Set" is where you can either select a pre-set list (start typing in the search field) or you can write in a list of words or phrases that you wish to multiply the keywords by. 

Third window "Multiply" is where you can arrange how the two lists will merge. If you wish to have bridge words between each keyword and set, then type it into this window. 

Looking at the example shown above, when I click the "Generate" button you get the following: 



Just scroll down to see the rest of the keywords. 

If you are happy with the keywords that are generated, click save and these keywords will be saved into the keyword tool, so you can continue to use the other functions of the tool. 

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